In Colombia, 200 missing in landslide in Colombia 200 people missing in landslide

In Kolubmii 200 people may be buried alive under tons of mud brought by mudslide in a small city of Medellin, said "Euronews". 350 rescuers work at the site of the tragedy. They were joined by 300 volunteers.

According to recent reports, so far managed to save three people and found the bodies of two dead, but the death toll could increase substantially. Information is coming.

The city itself is located in a valley, and the poor live in the suburbs that's just built their houses on the slopes mudflows.

This resident of the affected quarter said that the landslide came down immediately and caught everyone by surprise.

Landslide caused by the worst in 40 years heavy rains. This year, as a result of rampant floods in the country for more than 170 people were killed and over 200 injured, and 1.5 million Colombians homeless.

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