In England, a new crop circle


In the English county of Wiltshire was found next strange circle mysteriously appeared in the middle of a field of barley. It is reported by the British newspaper The Telegraph.

The figure stretched in length by 100 meters, with a bird's-eye view looks like a variation of a Buddhist symbol of "Yin-Yang".

Wiltshire is considered to be the world center of strange figures supposedly superhuman nature. In April, there have already found a similar range. However, he concedes to the May kinsman.

It should be noted that for the year in the fields of England are 50 such anomalies.

Perhaps there is a connection with the fact that on May 24 evening, dozens of reports on the observation of unidentified flying objects were received from residents of British county of Merseyside. According to eyewitnesses, the glowing orange-red balls appeared in the sky between 22:30 and 23:00 local time. They moved slowly across the sky, then disappeared.

In the service of the movement located in the county of Liverpool airport said that the lights could not belong to any aircraft flying in the area.

The Ministry of Defense reported that military aircraft at this time in the sky over Liverpool was not.

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