In England there were bipedal wolves


Stories about werewolves mostly devoted to the distant past, when people were too superstitious and perceive the world from a mystical point of view … But the events, which will be discussed below, are deployed today.

Six years ago, in the vicinity of the English town of Stafford were rumors of strange creatures, like dogs or wolves. April 26, 2007 the local newspaper "Stafford Post" reported: "The emergence of creatures like the werewolf, near the suburb of Stafford forced to come to our shores a group of researchers of the paranormal from Midland."

What happened?

Many local residents told that far from the German military cemetery, located next to the road Camp Road leading from Stafford to Cannock, they encountered a creature that looks like a wolf, but moves on its hind legs. According to some, noticing that he was being watched, the beast was hiding in nearby bushes. Since then, the local press often writes about "Stafford werewolves."

"A flock of creatures from the dungeons appear in Cannock area to hunt, — the Chase Post. — They are very similar to werewolves or Bigfoot. Perhaps it is they are guilty of the disappearance of pets they probably eat them." One of the researchers of the paranormal has suggested that they are representatives of long extinct ancient species that lived on the earth in the Stone Age …

One of the residents said that the mysterious creatures live underground. Allegedly, he saw how they got out of the abandoned wells to hunt deer. Indeed, in the vicinity of Cannock centuries were conducted mining operations, and were well, leading to abandoned mines.

It is true that in recent years a lot of these places have disappeared pets, mostly dogs. "Just ask about anyone who walks his pet near the German war cemetery" — says Stafford Post. Author of the blog "Paranormal County Cannock" Lee Brickley says in one of his notes: "…

Three teenagers who stopped for a smoke in the parking lot near the Brockton (a place that is considered to be the entrance to the district Cannock), spoke of the terrible spectacle of a huge wolf erectus delved into the urn. Fortunately, from a distance of 20 meters creature they had not noticed, and soon ran away, but the sight made a lasting impression on teenagers. "

Do you think this happens only in England?

Ten years ago, an amazing event took place in Poltava. In September 2003, on the cow herd suddenly a wolf attacked and dragged a young bull … Two months bloodthirsty volchische taken the lives of more than 20 pigs. He came to the farm at night when people are asleep. Traps and snares did not help: the animal as if divined in advance where they are installed, and avoid them. Foresters planted by hand only — where the animal is hiding, because the forest around a small, rare, one hundred times combing it, but thieves and found …

Only once before in the early winter morning hunters flashed silhouette, resembling rather than a wolf, and a monster, covered with dense hair … And then people started to disappear … The villagers organized a voluntary self-defense units patrolling the area. In the end, the matter attracted the police. It turned out that all of the incidents occurred within one zone — near an old abandoned farmhouse, called wild boar.

Go on the hunt for a group of them went out of eleven people — police and forestry workers. In a dilapidated wooden house in the dirt floor was dug pit — glacier. There and found an empty wolf's lair. Near the pit was a pile of clothes and a pair of shoes the company "Salamander". Everything — almost new. Who could own these things? — Perplexed come. Ambush in the hope that the wolf would be a "home."

It came just before dawn, when people have lost hope. In the eyes of hunters animal ran across the field. It was huge, with a shaggy coat of reddish hue. Move around in a strange way, as if pritantsovyvaya.Ne reaching the farm, animal somersault over his head — and suddenly they saw in its place a completely naked man! "Werewolf!" — Shouted one of the men and shot — apparently lost his nerve.

A bullet hit a stranger in the side. He fell to the ground … and again turned into a wolf! The beast stumbled away and soon disappeared from sight. Perplexed people do not have to catch up. When it woke up and rushed to the spot where the shot caught the creature they saw blood stains on the snow and footprints. They suddenly broken off, and then dragged the wolf paw prints … Since then, about a man-wolf no one in the neighborhood heard.

Margarita Trinity

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