In Homel police and plainclothes officers crammed into apartments activists

In Gomel on 11-hours of police and plainclothes officers burst into the apartment activist Yevgeny Yakovenko.

In the early 12 th hour pavdyasyatka policemen and plainclothes men, among whom was a district of the Central district police station, Mr. Chuchvaha, laid siege to the city cottage coordinator created the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Constantine Zhukovsky.

Why is this attention to the gentlemen of Zhukovsky and Yakovenko, is still unknown.

In recent campaign Zhukovsky th Yakovenko worked in a team of Vladimir Neklyaeva. They collected signatures Neklyaeva for white-red-white flags and the banner of the campaign "Tell the truth"Were active in propaganda work.

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