In India the catch ghosts!


Gennady Fedotov, a columnist for the "AN"

One of the first of the ghost in the building of the High Court in Bangalore has publicly declared residing in the territory of the administrative complex woman. According to her, the night at the courthouse, moaning woman comes in white robes, who demands justice.

'Phantom' fever
Then, faced with a ghost chief constable. He told me that one day on duty someone pushed him. Turning around, he saw a policeman, wearing a white shirt and a national dhoti loincloth. When law enforcement officers rebelled rudeness, the man disappeared.
These stories spread quickly among the local population, and the number of witnesses of unusual phenomena in the building of the High Court was growing rapidly. And then Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Indian state of Karnataka Kumar Swami personally went to court on night duty.
According to the publication Mail Today, Swami would thus refute rumors of paranormal phenomena, because of which the police flatly refused to patrol the building at night. Moonless night Swami went to the courthouse, built by the British colonial authorities, where he spent two hours in a search for evil forces.
"I've been everywhere, where our constables told not to go. They are afraid of ghosts that supposedly lives in this place. I sat there all alone 15 minutes, and kept hoping that the ghost will come and talk to me, but it do not come, "- said Kumar Swami.
This, incidentally, is not the first time that India covers real "ghost" fever. A few years ago on the same Bangalore rumors of a female ghost who came in the night and kill children. According to popular rumor, to escape from it there was only one way — to write on the door of the house, "come back tomorrow."
In 2007, the malevolent invisible spirit brawled near the city of Srinagar, throwing clods of dirt passing cars and people passing on the highway.
The angry locals tried many times to catch the Joker, but all their attempts have led to nothing: in roadside bushes nobody was found. In the end, on the scene, as in Bangalore, have been invited to the police.
Law enforcement officers who had to "damn site" all night, came to office in the morning covered with mud from head to toe. With horror, they told how the night out of nowhere they were flying dirt clods.
Somewhat earlier, the villagers Kapuravala about Jaipur banned their daughters to attend public high school for girls after the terrible rumors have spread about the unknown demon, who had found shelter in the school toilet.
Eyewitnesses told of incredible events that infantrymen entered there three students after the meeting with the ghost began to suffer from epilepsy. However, the deputy inspector of the local police Hakim Singh said that no one actually saw a demon, and indeed the school bathroom, which is considered the devil's lair, was made by local residents. Teachers also denied the rumors as they could, until one of them is "dressing demon" not beaten to such an extent that it had to be sent to the hospital.
Only after that the school administration has invited the shaman, who was at the building a special ceremony — a ceremony purging fire. The girls went back to school, only when convinced that the devil finally banished …

The penalty for a ghost

In general, the Indians in the expulsion of the houses of various spirits are quite serious and responsible. For example, one farmer recently had to pay a $ 50 fine community after he refused to execute the order of the elders of his house and expose the ritual of exorcism.
Villagers Dolbear long suspected that the house Sibon Soreny something is going wrong. Three deaths in a row under one roof — the first wife, son and grandson Soreny, and then fleeing the second wife have guided people to think that their dwelling villager captured ghosts.
The community is especially alarmed when a local shaman announced that settle in the home Soreny evil can harm not only his family but the entire village. And, in order to calm the unrest, the elders ordered that a "bad" home was the rite of exorcism.
But Soren did not want to let the sorcerer under your roof, saying he did not believe in ghosts. He chose to pay the penalty for disobedience, and the money to do so he had to borrow.
Local residents were surprised Soreny stubbornness, especially given its disastrous financial situation. "Everyone must obey the laws of society in which he lives," — said the village elder Ganesh Hemborm and reminded of a similar incident that occurred the year before in a small village in the west of India.
There Izvara brothers and Haripada caused terrible wrath of his countrymen, after a specially lodged in my house now a ghost.
One of the most revered of all the inhabitants of village exorcist of evil spirits appealed to the elders to take action against the brothers who have brought terrible trouble in their village. According to local residents, the ghost was the cause of a dangerous disease that struck many of the villagers. As a result, the elders came to the conclusion that their careless fellow deserved to be punished and ordered them to pay a fine of 633 dollars.
By the standards of Indian peasants — it is a large sum of money, so the brothers had to pawn their land to gather up enough money.
Meanwhile, residents of another Indian village unanimously decided to expel from their area of evil spirits, refusing to eat meat and polls going into vegetarianism.
Bhubanpur The village, located on the east of the country, most recently in a suspicious way, the cases of sudden death. Five local residents were killed in car accidents, and another two died of unknown disease. Residents explain this surge in accidents machinations of evil spirits. The elders of the village believe that insolent expel demons can only refused to eat the meat of animals slaughtered innocent.
Now the entire village lives under the sign of vegetarianism. On the shelves of local stores have disappeared chickens and eggs, and fishermen left their craft.
In addition, in the hope of propitiating the divine forces, the villagers regularly hold religious rituals

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