In p. Alpatovo Naur district of Chechnya, has opened a new road

Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic took part in the opening ceremony of the new roadway in a. Alpatovo Naur district of Chechnya.

Last weekend with. Alpatovo Municipal Naur district of Chechnya, the official event devoted to the discovery here of a new asphalt road 3 km long, connecting just four of the village.

To participate in the celebration were invited and honored guests, including members of Parliament and the Czech Republic — the chairman of the Committee on Economic, Investment Policy and Property Relations Hussein Kadyrov, deputy chairman of the Committee for Construction and Housing Zabek Rush, a member of the Committee on Social Policy Zelimkhan Abubakarov and guide the Naur district and municipal. Alpatovo.
In his speech, H. Kadyrov said:
— When a full-scale restoration of the Chechen Republic (Chechnya), first of all, on the instructions of the Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has been restored church in the city of Grozny. According to his instructions were given in the order of all the Orthodox cemetery in the country. Moreover, the open and functioning national centers of small peoples of the Chechen Republic (Chechnya). All of these points are a unifying factor in the politics of the Chechen authorities.
According to the deputy, the construction of the investor in the country of origin of non-Chechen Russian three-kilometer road — it is also evidence of the triumph of the principles of tolerance and mutual assistance between the two great nations.
As the head of the municipal administration Naur district of Chechnya Vladimir Kashlyunov, reconstructed road is of great importance to the residents. Alpatovo.
— First of all, the comfort of having a new road polotka will be felt by the drivers. Until now, we had big problems with frequent breaks because of bad road transport, including a school bus. Now, these questions have been left behind — he added.
We add that the funds allocated for the construction of roads Russian businessman, CEO of "YugAgromashimport" Andrew Dusari. It was noted that the employer intends to continue to invest in the development of the region, particularly in the agricultural sector with. Alpatovo.

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