In p. Kudinovo Kaluga region opened dairy complex

September 7 JSC "Plemzavod them. VN Tsvetkov " Maloyaroyaroslavetskogo district of Kaluga Region opened a dairy complex for 300 head of cows.

Credit funds in autumn 2011 began the reconstruction of the farm buildings for loose housing 300 head of cattle with milking cows in the milking parlor. Milking equipment and herd management system delivered to the Danish firm SAC. In late June, was imported from Denmark scored 295 breeding heifers Holstein-Friesian breed.


The village Kudinovo Maloyaroslavets area within the regional program "Social development of the village of Kaluga region to 2013" is building housing for young families and workers farms. An area of about 19 hectares have already built 19 houses of 71 planned.

In the future there will be erected fire tanks, sewage lift stations, treatment plants, as well as social infrastructure — shops, playground, internet cafe, park.

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