In Polesskoes chicken was the bear green eggs


Alexander Khristophorov

In Polesskoe area in one of the households bear the chicken was green eggs. Among the relatives she would no different. Mistress of Birds, which has already become a local celebrity, she surprised such a metamorphosis.


Unusual about the chicken on a farmstead Natalia Mikhailova already know all the villagers. Many have visited the yard — a look at the wonder hen. Olive-colored eggs in some surprising, others — raptures. Immediately joke: "At Easter coloring is not necessary." Now ask for eggs, as they say, a divorce.
Natalia Mikhailova, a resident of the village of New Village, "My husband and I first thought it was, in general, an anomaly, then looked — the second, third. Already law, I mean. Initially afraid to eat them, but, of course, then tried a very tasty, good eggs. "
Natalya says that she "heroine" hatched from eggs perfectly normal. Back in May of this year. Local experts anomaly directly associated with a trial run in Europe Hadron Collider. But the owner of the village of scientists is listening. Especially hen has become her favorite — consistently brings several eggs a day.
In RSU behalf of Kant in the department of biology and zoology green eggs they see for the first time. In the first exhibits were looking for a trick, all too unusual, saying that eggs are very similar to duck, it's an absolute color duck egg.
Dmitry Bulgakov, an assistant professor of biology and zoology RSU them. Kant: "It's a genetic disorder, which is characteristic for this individual. Perhaps this is a manifestation of some ancestral genetic traits. The fact is that for some types of data chick, like many birds that nest on the ground, characterized by camouflage, green color. "
Now Natalia Mikhailova waiting for: the color of the eggs will be another chicken, also black, with a brood. God forbid, will turn blue! Or even louder and gold! Then people will be pulled into the yard as the zoo.

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