In Primorye lit sanctuary with endangered leopards

In the Khasan district of Primorye Territory lit central part of the reserve "Leopard." This was March 21 reports "Interfax".

"One focus is found east of the village Cherepovka. Fire front — about four kilometers. Fire up the ridge Barsovy and moves north. Another focus a little less on the area — from Popova hills to the north-east," — told reporters the project coordinator for the conservation leopard Amur branch of WWF Andrew Fereferov.

According Fereferova, the fire started on March 20 at about 16 pm local time (09:00 GMT). Had burned an area of 1.5 hectares. Fereferov claims that on March 20 the staff reserve "Cedar Pad" (responsible for the reserve and have fire extinguishing equipment) tried to deal with the fire. However, on March 21 attempts were stopped. Zoozaschitniki recognize that members of the World Wildlife Fund have also failed to put out the fire. "A strong wind, the fire does not cease. Our little car is not burned. Manually impossible to extinguish a fire," — he explained.

Fereferov said the cause of the fire may be arson. This version is examined by the RPN and environmental prosecutors.

On the territory of "leopard" inhabits the Amur leopard population in the world which currently stands at 35-40 individuals. It is the northernmost subspecies of the leopard, the most suitable habitat for it — coniferous-deciduous forests. Extinction of animals associated with a decrease in these forests.

In mid-March it was reported that a "leopard" found two poachers. One of them was arrested, the second managed to escape. "People from abroad more delve into this issue than is often local people who just do not understand the unique place in which they are located, with some unique species they are neighbors," — commented the ecologist Sergei Bereznyuk.

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