In Rostov, the construction of a stadium for the 2018 World Cup

In Rostov-on-Don began work on the construction of the foundation for a new stadium for the World Cup in 2018.

Made land planning and launched three dredgers for dredging. And then begin the preparation required for the stadium height of about six meters.

Work is underway to engineer training base stadium, completed their planned for May 2014. In parallel, the design of the arena itself.

— The area where it is supposed to build a football stadium, will bring together all the functional areas of the left bank of Rostov: a complex of buildings water rowing canal, areas of cultural and business, commercial and entertainment facilities — said the deputy regional governor Sergei Trifonov. — Even at the stage of creating conceptual design, the architects task was to write an object in the Don landscape. The authors of the stadium — a British company — understand the idea, and the stadium was designed as part of the natural landscape.

The architects took into account the experience of the construction of the best football stadiums in Europe and the world and laid in the project resource-saving technologies that will reduce the cost of operation.

To date, performed preliminary design football stadium, geodetic surveys, archaeological and environmental studies. The volume of work performed — 108 million rubles. Completion of the project documentation is planned in October 2013, and a month later the project should go to state examination.

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