In RuNet earned a website for online petitions

In RuNet earned Site,
designed to promote community initiatives Russians.

On can make proposals for socio-economic development of the country as a whole and of individual regions and municipalities. Each initiative is given annually. If during this time she attains the required number of votes (100,000 to federal-level, five percent of the population in the region for local and municipal initiatives), it will be given to the state authorities.

Portal users can vote as "for" and "against" initiatives. However, the negative reviews will not affect the count of votes "for", but their numbers will be taken into account by experts.


At the time of writing this article on the website "Russian public initiative" was published three proposals: to reintroduce the winter, to return the minimum allowable level of alcohol in the blood and reduce the term of office of the President of Russia and four years.

Decree on the creation of a portal for initiatives Russians March 4, 2013 signed President Vladimir Putin. The document said that the call for proposals at the federal level is to start from April 15, and on the regional — Nov. 1. In practice, the portal began to accept applications ahead of schedule, but send them to state agencies will start from April 15 and November 1, respectively.

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