In Russia created a robot capable of working astronaut in orbit

Big brother robot that "hello" in 2008 with President Medvedev, to be sent to the ISS

In Russia have created a humanoid robot astronaut, capable of working in orbit. How to tell the developers, SAR-400 copies the entire movement of the operator and can autonomously perform mechanical work fine — tighten the screws to play chess, to examine the lining cracks.

  • SAR-400 robot.  Photo courtesy of the press-service of the NGO "android technology"
  • SAR-400 robot. Photo courtesy of the press-service of the NGO "android technology"


The next two years will send a robot to the ISS, and in the long term — to the moon, Mars and other planets. However, the astronauts are confident that no human robot will not replace.


— The main advantage of a person — the ability to learn about the world. And this is no machine will do, — the cosmonaut Sergei Avdeev.


He noticed that the robot will be very useful in space.


— The principal feature of this robot — to control it, no need to simulate the movement of other mechanisms. It acts as well as a person in the same environment. That is not necessary to calculate the movement — you can just do what you normally — said Avdeev.


According to the astronaut, in November 2011, when the SAR-400 was tested in Star City cosmonaut training center, with the help of operators tightened the screws, open the hatches ground copies of the Russian module of the ISS, working with fitness complex "Exit" on which future astronauts work out spacewalk.


At the same time, Avdeev acknowledged that such a robot to the ISS — an intermediate stage:


— There is much more interesting problems than to help the astronauts on the ISS. Therefore, I perceive his visit to the station as a test.


Head of manned space programs TsNIIMash Roscosmos Oleg Saprykin told "Izvestia", which SAR-400 became the first Russian space robot in the past 20 years.


— The manipulator was made for the "Buran" to the station "Mir". However, neither in space and missed. Since then, there was no development. This is our first step to a robot astronaut — said Saprykin. 


He added that the ISS have been using robotic devices, but for standard operations involving the movement of goods and freight. The first humanoid robot — robonavta — delivered to the ISS Americans, but he "lives" in their unit, and is almost never used — after several spacewalks there experience trouble in the control system.


In addition, the Japanese are going to send to the ISS robot Asimo, which will be used for communication and psychological relief crew. In addition, the robot for space — Justin — do the Germans.


Head of the Moscow branch of the NGO "android technology", designed SAR-400 by order of Roscosmos, Andrej Nosov, told "Izvestia" that the development of the western Russian robot is characterized by the ability to transfer a human operator is not only a picture and sound but also the whole range of sensations, including tactile .


— It uses a special technology that transmits pressure from the surface to the glove arm. The operator with the help of a robot can literally touch the surface. It's an incredible feeling — said Nosov.


He added that the principle will be applied in the study of other planets — the operator with a special vest and wrist manipulator will control the robot, and the robot with cameras, microphones and other sensors — transmit the image to the video goggles, sound — Headphone and tactile sensations — on the gloves.


— However, we have not yet figured out how to transmit the signal. Before the light of the moon is 5 seconds to Mars — 15 minutes. But we are working on it — said Nosov.


According to him, to work in remote areas with which communication is difficult, to be used by the supervisor firmware technology, when the robot is given by the vector of movement or the task, and he has to decide how to implement it. In addition, the "brains" android embed program automatic operation in different modes.


Dmitry Medvedev "talked" to the predecessor SAR-400 in December 2008, the first Russian youth convention. The president has promised to spend billions of rubles innovation sector, but said that waiting for the "appropriate commensurate returns."

  • Full-sized anthropomorphic robot AR-600
  • Full-sized anthropomorphic robot AR-600

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