In Russia created the technology of identification and registration of jewelry based on RFID-tags

  • RFID-solution RST-Cube
  • RFID-solution RST-Cube

RFID-reshenieRST-Cube, designed to identify and effectively integrate jewelry

The specialists of the Russian company "The PCT-Invent" presented one of its latest development — RFID-solution RST-Cube, designed for the identification and effective integration of jewelry. Device RST-Cube designed for the jewelry industry professionals who regularly face problems of operational accounting of goods in the process of receiving or delivery, error-free inventory of the shop floor and shop windows, competent distribution jewelry at retail outlets.

Previously, these tasks require significant time and resources, but the use of RFID-systems today contributes to a significant acceleration of business processes. Identification RFID technology to automate the process of gathering information through labeling RFID-tagged goods and the subsequent reading of the required data by means of special devices.  

RFID-solution RST-Cube, is an antenna with a protective screen, at the same time is able to record up to 100 units marked RFID-tagged goods without resorting to opening the package. Features of the device allow for reading the information from only those goods that are placed directly into the RST-Cube, thus eliminating random check of the goods in the immediate vicinity of the device.

RFID-tag for small items — jewelry and drugs

Jewelry marked RFID-tagged, which are glued to the jewelry or tags embedded inside at the production stage. Each RFID-tag has a unique code that allows you to uniquely identify tagged jewel among other similar, which promotes rapid search for products, track their movements, accurate inventory and sorting.

Another feature of the device is a RST-Cube possibility of detecting RFID-tags in their dense placement or existence of metallic parts and fluids in the identifiable objects, in connection with which the device can also be successfully used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Russian jeweler Valtera, for the first time began to introduce RFID-solutions produced by "RST-Invent" to account for the jewelry back in 2010, has managed to assess the economic impact of the introduction of the latest development of the company "RST-Invent." Experts Valtera, who began to use the RST-Cube are among the first in the industry to apply it not only to minimize the manual labor in the inventory, but also for the rapid and accurate receiving and shipping jewelry from the warehouse to retail boutiques, which, to date, There are more than 70

The company "RST-Invent" — Russian manufacturer of RFID-tags, equipment and solutions. Produced RFID-tags are designed for use in almost all spheres of life in manufacturing, trade, transportation and construction. Own production facility, located in Leningrad region, allows to take into account the specifics of any project. To date, the company's specialists have successfully completed more than 150 RFID-projects in various fields.

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