In Russia for several years, there are experiments to create a cure for old age.

  • Skulachev VP  Photo: Sergey Crosses / Expert
  • Skulachev VP Photo: Sergey Crosses / Expert

In Russia for several years, there are experiments to create "a cure for old age." The drug is called ions Skulacheva (SkQ). Who has been clinically tested and summer will be in pharmacies drug "Vizomitin", which prevents diseases of aging eyes. As long as it is used in dry eye syndrome — a lack of tears. We talked to academician Vladimir Skulacheva, author of the substance and the project manager.

Why is the first clinical trials have chosen dry eye syndrome?

There are two answers. First, it is an incurable disease, and every success in the treatment of incurable diseases — is impressive, so if it helped that helped. And according to our conception of many incurable diseases — and not diseases at all, and the program of aging. And the second answer: the dry eye syndrome is only symptomatic treatment. Usually drip that moistens the eye, such as the drug "Tear natural." There is nothing natural, but there is high molecular weight compounds, and one more thing. But the causes of the disease, it does not eliminate, the first one has to drop once a day, then two, then three … fifty.

And tests have shown that the drug?

The decisive moment — when, three weeks patients are asked if they have any complaints. With our preparation 60% said no, but with a tear — only 20%. I think that if the trial lasted longer, we have the percentage would be even higher. But the Ministry of Health on the condition we had no more than three weeks to drip. They were afraid of adverse events, as they are affectionately known, NYAV. We have only one case NYAV was, however, not in this series, and with glaucoma when a tree fell sick, but God knows we are not to blame. For six months we treat glaucoma and cataracts, and so far no one adverse event with dozens of people. By the way, dry eye syndrome, we chose not to, we proposed the Ministry of Health.

There are some results on cataract and glaucoma?

Until the end of the test can not speak. This is a double blind test — and in the case of the almost blind people get a triple blind. Neither the doctor does not know, neither the patient what drug it is dropped — "dummy" or our medicine. But for cataract experiments are over, and while I can say that the effect is good. Is determined by the number of lines in the table one can read it. And in glaucoma we can not dial the number of people to complete the test.


A person should know that the drip itself in six months, without receiving a penny. And he has to sign a paper that he would have no complaints if the result of the experiments blind. There is a standard paper: when cut up and buried when the drops, the document is the same.

They say you currently have cured his eye drug …

Yes, I did bad on the eyes heredity. Gone senile cataracts. Were smitten with both eyes, the right is stronger. I feel right eye can no longer read. Doctor prescribed me a surgery to replace the lens. And I took a break for six weeks and was dripping our preparation. Then he had an appointment, and the doctor I still scheduled for surgery on one eye. The thing is that at the very old rats our product is no longer valid. I decided that I — old rats. But then God punished me for not believing in ourselves. The second eye, we did not cut it right there, was the very end of 2008 — beginning of 2009, the crisis was not before the operation. But I continued to drip. And the doctor came only eight months. And the doctor says, "Where are you my cataract Delhi? It does not exist. You do not need surgery. " Since then, four years have passed, I continue to drip, cataracts did not appear.

And I fell myopia: had seven, and was three. And now the visual acuity in one eye unit, on the other — 0.9. So we will expand the list of indications for our drops.

The main objective of the project — "pills youth" off the program of aging. In the coming years, you have to start clinical trials. When?

We strive to ensure that the trial is to begin next year.


  • Vizomitin.  Photos from Sait
  • Vizomitin. Photos from Sait

How will it look? Man is not a rat, live a long time — how to determine which drug works?

It will look like a single treatment of geriatric diseases. The same eye diseases can try — not to drip into the eye, and take a pill. There are a few options. We have a very successful is treatment of wounds. It is known that in the elderly is a painful wound: any scratch — until gangrene. And here we are in rats have shown that such processes senile n e occur if the rat feed our stuff.

And some kind of heart disease? It's also all the diseases of aging, such as arrhythmia.

Yes. It is next in the list. And we have several types of arrhythmias in rats modeled, they are treated well. We also have amazing results in behavior. There is such an experience — the elevated plus maze (set of two open and two closed paths, elevated above the floor with the help of studying the level of anxiety and activity in rats. — "PP"). Older animals usually spend all the time in the closed part and generally prefer to stay in one place. And we have rats behave in such a labyrinth as young. It is unclear how to find the equivalent for a man, but, I think, something psychologists advise.

We live in the wording of three rats. They are age-old, but behave as young. We will, however, try to limit them to the nutritional …

This is true. The second way to slow down the aging program, but our preparation — fast. There is 30% less, and most importantly — the meat does not have.

And what is the mechanism?

My hypothesis is that when the number of foods, some receptors organism is recorded by blood. And seen as a threat of famine. And for a population of only worse hunger epidemic. The body has a choice: either to mobilize all the resources and find food or die. In this situation, all of the optional programs are canceled. Aging program is also optional, it is needed only for future generations. The body turns off aging at the time. For a few months or even a year. The symptoms are the same as when taking our stuff: osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, baldness, graying do not develop, do not disappear menstruation, attraction of males to females … But, unfortunately, when there is a signal of hunger anxiety. It can be measured: usually a mouse in a cage per day, not more than a kilometer runs, and when the signal hunger — to eight, and sometimes she even die from exhaustion, drops dead. She tries to run away and find food. If you use our product, there is no such effects because the receptors indicate that everything is in order.


  • The mechanism of action of mitochondria-targeted antioxidants.  Excerpted from the website <noindex> <a href="" title=""> </ a> </ noindex>
  • The mechanism of action of mitoch
    ondria-targeted antioxidants. Excerpted from the website 

It is known that the active ingredient in eye drops for the same as in "young tablet." You would not think that these drops will buy up and just take in?

There's very little substance. In a drop of two nanograms. So you need to buy thousands of our bottles, pour into a glass and then drink all his life instead of water. If there is a millionaire, unless …

For intake will be more?

Of course. We will count on the pounds live weight … I'm thinking what to call this drug. You see, the medicine — is a substance that facilitates the body to fight disease. And here we are trying to prevent the organism to do bad. This is actually the fight against suicide. Our logic is this: there is a center, which sends signals to the cells of aging signals slow suicide. It operated on a genetic program. We interrupt signal transmission to the cellular level. If this is true, then you need to take medication all the time: as soon as you stop, the signal begins to flow again, because the genes are still there.

Are not you afraid that the "youth pill" will be similar to the atomic bomb in biology? Completely overturn the social life?

If overturn, the better.

You can think of these, for example, the consequences: social lifts stop working. Head will be one hundred years old sit chief. Forever young.

Well, why not? Everything can be solved politically. Rigid rotation, for example. I am not a politician, I'm a biologist. Our business offer. Indeed, this has already happened: people now live on average twice as long as in the XIX century.

Yes, we have already gone through one such revolution — antibiotics.

Experienced. And no one, not one person on it complained. By the way, I'm not saying that people are going to live 800 years. There is an example: the whales. They do not age, and matereyut with age. And live for about 200 years. They seem to have a program of aging, but that does not mean that anything is wrong with the body does not occur. Parts of the body is really worn out. There are real diseases of aging, and, I think, in 800 years people will not live. By the way, there is still a cancer that our tablet is not treated — and then everyone will live up to his cancer. So it is unknown how many years we can extend life, and not the main thing. The main thing is that the layer will disappear unfortunate people who have fallen in childhood if not mental, then physical ability. In animal we were able to do it. There is hope, and what happens in humans.


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