In Russia produced 2.2 million vehicles in 2012

At the end of 2012 on the territory of Russia in total were produced more than 2.2 million units of vehicles (passenger cars, LCV, trucks, buses), which is 11% higher than a year ago.

According to "Autostat", the leader of the Russian car industry is invariably AvtoVAZ, the assembly line which last year produced more than 550,000 cars LADA, a quarter of the total production of vehicles in Russia. Last year the Togliatti plant has reduced car production by about 2% due to the modernization of production facilities and upgrade the lineup.

Following the AvtoVAZ car factories are located, producing foreign cars, "Autotor", "Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus", "Volkswagen Group Rus" and "Autoframos." Last year, they made a total of just over 815,000 vehicles, accounting for over 35% of the total. In this case, the Kaliningrad "Autotor" once again become the Russian plant-leader in the production of foreign cars, only releasing 250,000 vehicles (+13%).

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