In Russia, the establishment of an information and search portal for medical services


The company "ISTMED" in mid-September, plans to launch a pilot sectoral information retrieval portal PANATSEYA.RU, which was developed as part of an enterprise project "Panacea" to create a medical information system of the All-Russian organizations (bismuth).

The purpose of the project — the creation of a centralized information resource for market-oriented use of medical services and the consolidation of the interests of all, without exception, participants in this market.

Work on the portal was conducted for five years. At the end of the original design of the authors, a unique methodology, technology and "know how", used in this project, estimated at more than 285 million rubles. According to unofficial estimates, to date the project as a whole is estimated at 725 million rubles.

As the developers of the innovative value of the project is PANATSEYA.RU, including the application of so-called intelligent search when choosing a patient needed medical organization in view of its state of health, the requirements and criteria. The system not only allows the user to find the most suitable search engine medical facilities, but also to compare the options proposed by various parameters, such as, for example, "health care", "experts", "equipment" and others.

According to the general director of "ISTMED" Professor Yuri Kharitonov, "PANATSEYA.RU project aims to address the problem of information availability of medical care and help the realization of the right to free choice of health conscious organization." "This project will provide the necessary conditions for the establishment of normal civilized competition in the healthcare market — said the professor. — Today, we look forward to a strong interest in our development of the state and offer their introduction to the principles of public-private partnerships. And if the number of serious analytical studies of some of the leading institutions present only an indication of the need for such projects, the draft "Panacea" substantial problems already found a concrete solution. "

"Our commitment to the implementation of such a major project due to the presence of their own unique methodological and technological developments of their own" know-how "and, most importantly, the 10-year successful experience of the authors and the project team on the development and implementation of these high-tech systems development for the organization of the market sanatorium stage of treatment — said Kharitonov. — This experience has allowed us in 2007 to develop and patent the information foundation of the project — "Passport medical institution (organization)", which contains about 30,000 informative parameters. This unique document was approved by the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation as a unified media solutions to our problem. Then he designed a number of works, including the development of ideology and the mathematical structure of information systems, implementation methodologies, market analysis, and more. All this allowed us to estimate the scale and social importance of the project to create the Integrated Information System of medical organizations and the spring of 2010 to begin to implement it. "

Ltd. "Information and System Technology in Medicine" (ISTMED) was established May 28, 2010. The company is engaged in the development and implementation of integrated methodological and technological solutions in healthcare, medicine, and other fields of the social sphere, focused on the interests of all target groups of consumers of health services. Many development companies ISTMED have no analogues in Russia and the world, have patent protection, endorsed and supported by the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation, the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, the leading specialists and experts.

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