In Ryazan began training camp with military chaplains Airborne

Today, the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School named General of the Army VF Margelov (RVVDKU) began training camp on the airborne training with the military chaplains of the Airborne Troops (VDV).

In the military units Navy has 12 churches and chapels 5, which are serving 8 Orthodox chaplains, all of them are as assistant commander for work with the faithful soldiers.

During the gathering of clergy will be held workshops on the study material and laying of human landing parachutes D-6 and D-10 ground tests of the elements of a parachute jump on the equipment Airborne complex. It is planned that under favorable weather conditions, the priests shall by two of training parachute jumps from An-2 and IL-76.

And jump out of a plane IL-76 will be performed by priests in conjunction with the staff of one of the units of the 106th Guards Airborne Division during the planned battalion tactical exercises with the landing and combat shooting.

Collection plan also provided for dropping out of the IL-76 parachute platform prefabricated structures regimental mobile temple that priests will gather at the site of the landing.

Skydiving make all priests Airborne. Among them are excellent students airborne training: the priest of the 45th Guards Airborne Special Purpose Father Sergius (Arkhipov) having in his luggage more than 600 parachute jumps, and the priest of the central parachute club Airborne bishop Sava (Sherbina), who has made more than 450 jumps with a parachute.

Gathering with military chaplains Airborne based RVVDKU runs until March 28.

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