In s / n Vologda Railway opened biotech plant Biotech

In the industrial park "Shexna" opened a modern plant biotechnology, "Biotech."

In the park, he became the second largest producer. In the Northwest plant only. Its main task is to process waste poultry and cattle farms. Capacity of the plant to 100 tons per day. The plant "Biotech" will be able to accept and recycle waste of all slaughterhouses, poultry and livestock farms within a radius of 600 km, namely, biological waste, unfit for human consumption.

The result is two products: meat and bone meal and inedible fat. First, rich in protein, is used in the diet of animals, and fat goes to the needs of the perfume industry.

The plant itself — a company environmentally friendly. All emissions, which could adversely affect the surrounding atmosphere incinerated in a special boiler, at the highest possible temperatures.

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