In Samara, continues a series of failures of the roadway

Lenin Avenue is a dangerous road for drivers Photo: CP ArchiveThe next incident occurred the evening of September 4 the house № 15 Lenin Avenue, reports
According to the information and intelligence administration g.o.Samara a daily report, a jeep "Chevrolet Captiva", drive right up to the steps of the porch of this house, the front left wheel fell into the resulting pit measuring 0.5 x 0.5 meters to the place PE were caused by rescue workers, who reported that the failure is low, life threat to the driver no. He pulled the car out of the failure, the experts rescue fenced dangerous place.

It later emerged that in the porch there was a leak in the water line with a diameter of 89 mm. Decision was taken home from the water is not turned off and the repairs start today, September 5. However, after the failure of the ground, it was decided to shut off the water supply to the house. According to the operating company, in this place in April and May is replacing water main plot.

Recall that in late August in the Samara three cars fell through the asphalt. August 22 on the main avenue into a huge pit filled with water, hit the car "Hyundai". Foreign car driver died of a heart attack on the way to hospital. August 24 morning, the ground went laden KamAZ Street. Ulyanovsk and "Kalina" at the intersection of Alexei Tolstoy and Vilonovskoy.

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