In Samara opened vagonomoechny complex

In vagonomoechnom complex, which opened on July 12 at the station for the first time on the territory of Samara Russia on the advanced technology of two-stage washing cars, according to which they will be sequentially processed detergents on the basis of acid and base, and then covered with wax composition to enhance the protective properties of the paint. This will effectively remove contaminants of all kinds. The system of multi-stage pre-heating and cooling of the surface of the car body will be washed at ambient temperatures from +40 to -20 degrees (Celsius). Operating the washing line will significantly improve the content of trains formed depot Samara.

Used in this complex system of water recycling, using 70% recycled water will purify the original, recycled water and waste water from impurities, particles and harmful substances in compliance with all environmental regulations.

Object reconstruction was carried out with the assistance of outside investment, which totaled 515 million rubles.


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