In Saransk opened offices of general practice

October 7th chapter of Mordovia Nikolai Merkushin opened offices of general practice in the Lenin and proletarian district of Saransk. New medical facilities appeared to addresses Mordovia, 4 and Lyambirsky Highway 13.


Modern medical institutions located in urban high-rise buildings, directly in the midst of residential areas — a new word in the development of health services. This practice is the most advanced and is just beginning to be used in European countries.

Compact and equipped with the most modern state of the art medical office is literally within walking distance.

The use of modern technology brings the work of the office to a new level. Electronic remote entry to the reception to avoid queues and facilitate the work of the medical staff. If necessary, a general practitioner may at any time over a dedicated communication channel to consult with a qualified professional, such as a cardiologist, located in a clinic or hospital.

Office has new features. Send ECG results, test results by e-mail, at any medical institution of the country.

Head of Mordovia spoke with hospital staff, patients, who had come to see the doctor carefully examined the technical equipment of the offices. Nicholas Merkushin present when a video call with experts Municipal Clinical Emergency Hospital.

Taking part in the opening ceremony, Vladimir Sushkov noted that such additional offices of general practitioners will soon be opened in all the districts of the city. A network of offices will save public money and bring your services to the population. The next office is scheduled to open on Victoriei Street, home to a large number of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, pensioners and the disabled.

Office of a general practitioner — a kind of mini-hospital. Here are performed in the manipulation of the treatment rooms, is the first and emergency aid, the necessary vaccinations, are made sick leave, etc. Each office will be able to take up to 300 people per shift.

The competence of the general practitioner is much wider than the average therapist. Broader role of general practitioner implies an increase in salary. It is assumed that the general practitioner will be one of the most sought-after and well-paid professionals in the medical field.

Opening of the offices of general practice is one of the steps to modernize the health system Mordovia and phase of the project of "United Russia", "quality of life".

The next step emergence of digital maps sick, opening the most modern of the Republican Clinical Hospital. Within two years of construction, repair, renovation and equipping of 80 health facilities in the cities and villages of Mordovia will be sent a huge amount of money — more than 3.4 billion rubles.

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