In Saransk, unveiled a monument to Vladimir Vysotsky


In Saransk in the city park of culture and rest. Pushkin was opened monument to the great Russian poet and actor Vladimir Vysotsky.

As the head of the club at a ceremony fans of Vladimir Vysotsky, Alexander Porchunov, despite the fact that he had never visited Vysotsky in Saransk and probably had not even heard of its existence, our city deserves to be in it was a place where he could bend your knees any fan of his work, as in life, Vladimir Vysotsky was, without exaggeration, people's artist, poet and bard.

The monument was created by sculptor Alexander Apollo and was cast from metal manufacturing facilities of the company "SMiK" in Kropotkin, Krasnodar Territory. 

The statue was brought to the city on May 17 and in consultation with the Director of Mauke "City Parks" by Nicholas Kenyakin was installed on the Avenue of Stars in Pushkin Park. So far, while, as, according to Alexander Porchunova, time, site preparation, worthy of the genius of Vladimir Vysotsky, the organizers of the action was not.

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