In Saturns rings found unidentified objects


MOSCOW, August 10. With the help of one of the spacecraft NASA American scientists discovered in the rings of Saturn, three unidentified object.

As the CyberSecurity, probe "Cassini" filmed several new objects that appeared in the rings of Saturn and the nature of which experts can not yet explain. Careful study of these groups, researchers will be engaged in the current week. Especially for these purposes spacecraft suitable to rings as close and make pictures so that the desired location falling sunlight rays.

The discovery was made during the analysis of the photographs. One of the sites of "outstanding" themselves long shadow that stretches along the plane of the ring is 41 km. On the basis of the length of the shadow of the scientists calculated that the object is located at an altitude of about 200 meters above the plane of the ring. The approximate size of the moon — about 400 meters.

The ring is the widest of the four main rings of Saturn and reached 25.5 thousand km in width. From the ring A (14.6 thousand km) it is separated almost 4000 km, called the division "Cassini".

In August 2009, the sun is directly over the equator of Saturn. In this case, the sun's rays will fall on the ring plane at a very slight angle. In this light any irregularities cast long shadows that are easy to detect. In anticipation of Saturnian equinox scientists supervising the work of "Cassini", started a project called "The mission of the equinox." In the course of the project in the rings of Saturn have been discovered giant "towers" up to 1.5 km, reminds Lenta.Ru.

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