In search Olgoy-Horhoya


Carefully wading dry sands of the Gobi desert, Czech scientist Ivan Makerl stares at his feet, he knows — each next step could be his last. Probing the sand in front of him, he looks around, always ready for the fact that his solitude is broken by the presence of a being capable of killing a jerk, a poisonous liquid jet aimed at the face.

This animal is so secretive that he still manages to avoid the photographers, but the locals know — it is there, lurking in the darkness, is preparing to inflict a random victim of a single, but the fatal blow. They call it olgoy Jorge.

Eyewitnesses report that he kind of is a kind of dark red worm, from two to five feet in length. A special place in his diet take a cow, which he fires a yellow saliva-acid, and those who were not lucky enough to be too close to him, can also get an electric shock of sufficient strength to kill a camel … or person.





First of olgoy Jorge (Latin Allghoi khorkhoi) spoke an American paleontologist Professor Roy Chapman Andrews in his book "On the trail of ancient man" in 1926, but it was unlikely that he believed in it. Just a few years ago, in 2005, a group of British scientists and kriptozooologov spent a month in the full dangers of the Gobi desert in search of the legendary creature, but in spite of the fact that many local residents were interviewed, none of them was able to say that I saw olgoy-horhoya personally.

But all the same for the four weeks the team has collected enough evidence to make sure that this worm does exist. The principal investigator, Richard Freeman, said: "Every description of personal observation beings, each story describes olgoy-horhoya with remarkable accuracy: red-brown worm-like snake, two feet long, two inches thick, no visible differences between the head and the tail."

And now the desert travels cryptozoologist-taught Ivan Makerl. As a boy, he was reading the Russian paleontologist Yefremov, who wrote this worm capable mysteriously kill people from a distance whether the poison, or electric shock.
"At first I thought it was just a story — says Makerl. — But when I was at university in our class had a student from Mongolia and I asked him: Do you know anything about olgoy Jorge? I really thought he would laugh in my face and did not answer, but he leaned forward, as if intending to tell a terrible secret, and said: I know. Very strange creature. "

So is there a olgoy Jorge and what if I did? It will still have to figure out, but remember, if you want to take off one day in the Gobi desert in search of him — do not dress in yellow. According to rumors, this color draws our wrinkled best friend. And do not say we did not warn you.

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