In Sevastopol, solemnly met in a long voyage guided-missile cruiser Moskva

The ceremony of the meeting of the long voyage to the Mediterranean flagship Black Sea Fleet (BSF) Guards missile cruiser (GRKR) "Moscow" was held on February 6 in Sebastopol. During the voyage, which lasted three months, the cruiser in the squadron took part in the teaching mezhflotskom together with the forces of the Baltic and Northern fleets.

At sea, the crew conducted a training joint maneuvering and communication, towing vessel, devoid of progress, as well as for inspection of suspicious vessel and counter-terrorism. Sailors completed firing anti-aircraft missiles at air targets, as well as guns on marine and air targets, shooting floating mines worked.

As part of a routine visit GRKR "Moscow" visited the Greek ports of Piraeus and Limassol. Just behind the stern leader of the Black Sea Fleet left more than 13,000 nautical miles.

In Sevastopol, the ship met the chief of staff of the Black Sea Fleet, Rear Admiral Alexander Nosatov. By tradition, the commander of the ship have been handed over roasted pig and bread and salt. On the cruiser solemn meeting was held, which was attended by members of the Military Council of the Navy veterans formation of surface ships, members of the clergy.

Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet congratulated the crew on your safe return home, as well as the 30th anniversary of lifting the ship Navy flag. Cruiser were awarded diplomas and Challenge Cup, which the crew was awarded the following 2012 school year.

A day earlier in Sevastopol from going back frigate "Sharp-witted" and a large sea tanker "Ivan Bubnov," which were also part of the Black Sea Fleet squadron.

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