In St. Petersburg, a new industrial park


In the industrial zone opened Kamenka industrial park, which will run auto parts manufacturers from South Korea. At this point in the park are seven production plants.

Experts say that the discovery of the industrial park is appropriate and relevant. In Russia increased the demand for cars. For example, in 2010, sales of passenger cars increased by 28% compared to 2009.

In Leningrad Oblast car factories Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, for which the appearance of the enterprise for the production of parts nearby is good news: now the production will be more localized. Thus, the required level of localization of production is officially estimated at 30%, and with the opening of the park at Hyundai he was 45%

The industrial park covers an area of 24 hectares in size. Investment in the project amounted to 5.9 billion rubles. Currently operating seven businesses: Daewon Rus (seats atvomobiley), Donghee Rus (suspension, front engine mounts, fuel tanks, manholes), Doowon Rus (air conditioning and ventilation), NVH Rus (interior trim), Sejong Rus (silencers , exhaust systems), Shinyoung Rus (body parts, the system set-up), Sungwoo HitechRus (torpedoes frames, door frames and doors amplifiers).

Now companies are working in a test mode, producing 150,000 parts a year. Next year we plan to move up to full capacity. By the end of 2011, management expects to increase production to 200,000 items per year, then expandable to 400,000 a year. In plants currently employs 1.3 thousand workers in two shifts, further work will be 2,000 people.


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