In St. Petersburg, building a new pharmaceutical plant

June 22 in St. Petersburg launched the construction of a factory of "ArSiAy Synthesis." The plant "ArSiAy Synthesis" — a subsidiary of "Pharmasyntez."

Pharmaceutical company "Pharmsynthez" Founded in 1996 in St. Petersburg. In 2001 he was commissioned research and production complex of "pursuing its goal", which produces fine chemicals, chemicals and high-tech active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The new plant will be built at the Novo-Orlovsky the St. Petersburg branch of the special economic zone. The plant will be engaged in the development and introduction of modern drugs for the treatment of cancer. The company is based on the standard of GMP. In the construction plans to invest 2.1 billion rubles.

The new plant will be another pharmcluster now successfully operating in St. Petersburg for two years. This is one of the most dynamic clusters not only in the city but also in Russia. Now it is realized or preparing to implement more than a dozen projects.

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