In St. Petersburg, developed and successfully applied a unique computer program remotely adjust cochlear implants

Today in Russia more than a million children suffer from congenital hearing loss are born each year from 1.5 to two thousand children with hearing impairments, and about two thousand children acquire this disease later
Return the ability to hear perhaps even total deafness (when the auditory nerve is not able to perceive sounds) if an operation to implant a special implant — the so-called "cochlear implantation."


For three years — from 2008 to 2010 examined more than two million newborns and infants. Maintain a register of the most troubled children who help can be given only one way — through a cochlear implant surgery. In 2008, the children performed 200 such operations, in 2009 — 461 operation, in 2010 — 1121 operation. In 2011, we plan to increase the number of cochlear implant operations before 1400. The cost of such an operation, with subsequent rehabilitation of 784.4 thousand rubles.

"Identify hearing and begin treatment, including surgical, should as soon as possible, — Explains the director of the Department of medical care for children and obstetric services of the Health Ministry `s Shirokov. — That is why in the national project "Health" was allocated area — audiologic screening. Since 2008 the provision of maternity and child health centers with special equipment. It is assumed that in the coming years in order to identify hearing loss in Russia will be screened all newborns. If the survey was not conducted in the nursing home, then it will have to go to the children's clinic. "

"These operations are carried out within the framework of the provision of high-tech medical care. Today the children operate in several centers — the leading clinics are located in St. Petersburg and in Moscow, — Explained Valentine Shirokov. — But our task is to create a branch network of these centers to ensure that children from the eastern regions of the country did not have to go to Moscow or St. Petersburg. "

Another problem is that children need after a long rehabilitation, implants require regular setting. So it is still a child at least once a year to be brought to a hospital where he was operated on. But now these trips will be less.

"The specialists of our institute has developed a unique computer program remotely adjust cochlear implants, — The head of the Research Institute of Ear, Throat, Nose and Speech Minzdrasotsrazvitiya Russia, Professor Yuri Yanov. — With it you can customize the implant, located anywhere in the world. When installing an implant immediately set up during the operation, then after four or five weeks, and once a year for life. Institute with the new technology has already spent setting implants in patients who are in Chelyabinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar. In addition, the Institute's scientists are working to develop domestic cochlear implants, as long as the implants are bought abroad. "

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