In St. Petersburg, large families were handed the keys to the minivan

At Smolny Governor Georgy Poltavchenko handed the keys to minibuses 13-to large families of St. Petersburg, bringing seven or more children.

The Governor thanked the parents for the great work of raising children, the next generation of St. Petersburg. "Statistics say that it is in large families are often born and grow talented, intelligent, courageous people. This is natural. In a large family taught mutual assistance and support, refer to each child with attention and do their best to provide all that is needed for a good decent life ", — said Georgi Poltavchenko.


He said every year the large families in St. Petersburg is growing. Only in the last 4 years their number has increased from 11 to 19-thousand. "Largely due to large families and all of St Petersburg who want to raise their children, in St. Petersburg last year crossed the landmark milestone — in our city was born five million from St. Petersburg", — said Georgy Poltavchenko.

According to the governor, received as a gift from the city car will help families in the home, will enable all together more often leave the city, spend time interesting and useful. He said that with the growth of the birth rate in the city is growing and the amount of social support for families. Now, together with the Leningrad region addressed the issue of the provision of suburban areas to large families.

"The city will always help you in the difficult but joyful work — raising children," — said Georgi Poltavchenko.

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