In St. Petersburg lies a replica of the battleship Poltava

Bookmark replicas (replica) 54-gun sailing battleship "Poltava" took place on 2 May at the marina "Hercules" in St. Petersburg.


During the ceremony at the construction site smartly rattled axes, freeing from the bark of specially imported from the Saratov region oaks, pacing actors in costumes soldiers since the battle of Poltava, heard gun shots.

As guests of honor — the Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" Alexei Miller, the governor of Saint Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko, president of the St. Petersburg Sailing Union Sergey Alekseev — has been demonstrated previously prepared central frame — the most widespread "edge" of the ship. In all, "Poltava" there will be 44.

"Poltava" was the first battleship, who went off after a three-year construction of the stocks of the Admiralty in St. Petersburg June 15, 1712 with dimensions of 40 m long and 12 m wide. He was named in honor of the victory over the Swedes at Poltava. The ship was part of the Baltic Fleet, took part in six offshore companies during the Great Northern War. In the construction of the ship was found to historians, was personally involved Peter I.

The project is the reconstruction of the historic battleship "Poltava" executed "Design Group RICOCHET" commissioned by the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg. After completion of the preliminary design started to develop a classification of the project (project documentation in the construction of the vessel).

The new "Poltava" will be floating museum. For it will be a special undeveloped territory area "Lahti center" — a complex in the Primorsky region, where will be built skyscraper office of "Gazprom". The initial phase of work on the reconstruction of a sailing ship, according to preliminary estimates construction foreman Andrew Bredow, require the investment of 500 thousand rubles excluding building materials. Full cost and timing of the project, he said, will be known by the end of the summer.

During the construction work will be mainly used technologies Peter pores. For example, modern bolts which now pulled the first frame, cut up and saw off like in the old days. The main building material is used oak array will also be used conifers — pine, teak and spruce roots. In the construction will take 60-80 people attended. "Poltava" will not be equipped with any engine and will be able to rely on sailing gear, but, according to calculations Bredow, its specifications will make even a round the world trip.

He noted that the technology of descent of the ship on the water will be different, because in the age of Peter, it was too dangerous. "I do not want to find out how many peasants died during the descent" Poltava "on the water, either in theory or in practice," — he stressed.

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