In St. Petersburg, opened a kindergarten for 95 seats

On Wednesday, September 11, in the residential complex "Orbit" (Gzhatskaya street, 22, building 3, letter A) has opened a new children's garden.

In kindergarten, number 5 22 organized groups, 2 of which are for young children, 2 for younger children and one for the middle-aged group. In the new building equipped with sports and music halls, as well as a dining room and a medical room. In the courtyard of an apartment complex, where the kindergarten is walking areas, gazebos, swings, sandbox and playground for physical education and music classes in the air.

Built-in facilities in new residential complex, designed by kindergarten, were built at the expense of the developer, and then bought out the city at cost, 85,197,000 rubles.

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