In St. Petersburg, opened in Seaside highway overpass

Nov. 14 opening ceremony of the overpass at the intersection of Savushkina to the Sea Highway.

203-meter-long viaduct built in the alignment of Primorsky highway. On it will be the movement of cars that follow from the area towards the center of the Seaside overpass. For those who need to get off the highway onto the street Savushkina will need to turn right just past the Lahti spill.

After the opening of the overpass with Savushkina can go to Seaside highway to traffic in the area. To do so would be to pass under the overpass and then merge into the mainstream.

Head of the Administration of Primorsky region Vyacheslav Chazov stressed that the introduction of this facility, "is extremely important for the largest populated areas of the city — Seaside." He recalled that last year it was introduced 11 transport facilities, this year, after Kolomyazhsky overpass construction Transport and Maritime hub, this is the third entered the object. This will greatly facilitate the entry and exit of citizens in the north.

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