In St. Petersburg, opened new fire stations

In the Vyborg and the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg opened new fire rescue part. 

In the area of coverage of the fire station in Levashovo not only residential areas of the Vyborg district, but also one of the largest and most advanced industrial areas of St. Petersburg — "Kamenka". It auto plants are located, "Hyundai" and "Nissan".

In the coming years, a number of urban areas — especially in new buildings — will be open 10 new fire stations.


Special vehicles new firehouse gave concern "MAN".

During the opening of the fire station in Levashovo representatives of the group "MAN" noted the favorable investment climate in St. Petersburg, and its willingness to strengthen pragmatic cooperation with the city. The next year, is scheduled to open in St. Petersburg production of trucks, "MAN".

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