In St. Petersburg, opened two new subway stations: Bucharest and International

In St. Petersburg, officially opened two new subway station — "International" and "Bucharest." The event, which — without exaggeration — waited nearly a quarter century. Tunnels were ready for a long time, difficulties arose with access to the surface.

  • station "International"
  • station "International"

But now the "purple" branch in St. Petersburg subway — just in the last two years — was longer in the half. Instead of eight stations already twelve. By the previous New Year's holidays in turn opened the first "Bypass Canal" and then "Admiralty", the deepest in the world.

  • station "Bucharest"
  • station "Bucharest"

And today the Metro prepared another New Year gift — after a major renovation, which lasted nearly a year, has earned the output from the metro station "Nevsky Prospekt" the canal. There escalators replaced and reinforced waterproofing arches oblique stroke, which previously often had leaking.

"Bukhara? Stskaya"— The 66th St. Petersburg metro station, located on the 5 line between the stations "Volkovskaya" and "International". Opened December 28, 2012.

Although the earlier opening of the station was planned for August 2012, the date was later postponed to the end of the year. The result was announced, the station will open December 28, 2012 as part of the second start site Frunze radius "Volkovskaya" — "International."

By the opening of the station made nominal tokens station

"Bucharest" will pylon station deep foundation. Prior to 2007, "Bucharest" planned to make a vault, however, due to economic reasons, was selected pylon station. In 2004, the variant O lines on the surface of the station "Volkovskaya" with the possibility of construction of ground stations "Bucharest" and "International", but later was abandoned.

"Intern? Dnyan"— The 67th St. Petersburg metro station station. The final station 5 line, located behind the station, "Bucharest". Put into operation in the fourth stage, the first stage of the Maritime FRUNZENSKAYA-Petersburg metro line. Opened December 28, 2012.

The station name is due to its location in the district, the names of many streets which are assigned after the towns and public figures of the countries of Eastern Europe that were part of the Warsaw Treaty Organisation, and Finland. For example, Bucharest, Budapest, Bela Kun and others. Project name of the station — "Street of Bela Kun."

The scheme of the St. Petersburg metro stations with the presence of the future:

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