In St. Petersburg, photographed ghost in the entrance (video)


Appears at midnight, leaving the wall. Residents of a house in St. Petersburg is a heated debate, who lived in their house — a ghost or barabashka.

And those and others have good arguments, but the most important thing — the presence of video evidence of some otherworldly object. The white shadow appeared on the landing at midnight. Her movements recorded camera surveillance.

Igor Emelyanov the thousandth time scroll film and speculate. He is confident in his porch lives barabashka or ghost.

The fact that in this entrance on the ground floor there was something mysterious, now known all over the house. However, shoot the moving incorporeal substance succeeded only once. Now that record by roller wants to show professionals ghosts that they have established, where there was this spirit.

If he or she did not do anything wrong, let him live with us, says Igor Emelyanov. While the new inhabitant of the house is relaxed, causing only minor inconveniences.

Igor Emelyanov: "In the house at all interesting things are happening, crackle, noise, dishes bryakaet."

Olga Kosmatova: "Something feels the presence of something foreign."

A neighbor Emelyanov, Vera Shutina, would not even mind to meet unusual. To meet such a woman prepared in advance.

Not all residents of the home so optimistic. At the entrance did not kill anyone, natural death here for a long time no one died, but with the new neighbor came insomnia.

Olga Kosmatova: "Once we put the crosses, butter anointed, crosses all set, we began to sleep peacefully."

Since then Emelyanov very carefully looking at all the new video. He hopes that the Spirit wherever he went, be sure to come back.





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