In St. Petersburg, presented the award Global Energy — Energy Nobel

It is called the "Nobel Energy". In St. Petersburg, in the framework of the International Economic Forum presented the award "Global Energy". The winners of this year was a Japanese scientist Akira Yoshino and outstanding thermal physicist, president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir fort. In the 11 years of the award is among the most prestigious international awards.


Igor Sechin, the executive secretary of the Commission for Energy Development under the President of Russia:

-The organizers of the prize "Global Energy" plotting it as a new form of support for those outstanding scientists, researchers, who broke through the veil of the known scientific abstraction and reached the level of practical implementation of the ideas

Japanese scientist Akira Yoshino began to work on the lithium batteries in the late 70s, and they hit the market only in the early 90's. But today he created the batteries running most portable devices. The new goal — electric cars.

Akira Yoshino, winner:

— We are now working on improving lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles. While one battery lasts for 200 miles and my goal to increase this figure to at least 500, which would make electric cars a mass phenomenon.

It is thanks to the invention of Akira Yoshino modern phones, camcorders and tablets are becoming less and charging at the same time keep longer. In turn, the study of Vladimir Fortova allows you to increase the efficiency of the engine, from automotive to space.

Vladimir Forts, president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, winner of the award:

— In addition to our work is associated with a large piece of the so-called explosion-magnetic generators and explosive disconnect. When an accident occurs in large cities, large systems, it is very difficult to switch off and that it can be done by those developments, which we did

Despite the fact that the prize was established with the support of the leading energy companies in Russia, the organizers emphasize that no national privileges. The jury consists of scientists from 10 countries.

Vladimir Forts, president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, winner of the award:

-Progress Energy is a constant race up the scale of pressures and temperatures. And our scientists, I'm very pleased to say, are the leaders in this race. It was Russia holds the world record for the maximum pressure in a laboratory, at a maximum temperature of the maximum electric field

In addition to a diploma, a commemorative medal and a gold badge winners also received a cash prize. This year, the size of the bonus pool amounted to 33 million rubles. Akira Yoshino plans to use the funds to support young researchers, and Vladimir Forts of the amount going to translate to a charity that helps children suffering from cancer.

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