In the Alps back wild wolves

In the Alps, the wolf population is growing, which 30 years ago were considered extinct in the region.

Scientists found that the population is not only preserved, but even doubled between 1999 and 2005, and by 2012 increased to a few more times. Slowly but surely, the animals winning back their original living space, reports Euromag.

At the moment there are about 33 wolf packs in the Western Alps between Liguria and Mont Blanc. Most likely, these wolves have returned to the Alps in the 80 years of the Italian Apennines impassable areas. Biologists are very interested in the process of repopulation, but local people are scared, they believe wolves dangerous predators and pests.

"The poachers continue to kill animals, but the conflict between beast and man can still be resolved," — said the head of the project Piedmont Conservation Progetto Lupo Francesca Marukko.

Thus, in the Piedmont are many events to protect people and pets from wolves, and wolves — from poachers. Livestock owners who lost animals compensated. Actively used herding dogs and electric fences, lighting and acoustic methods to scare away wild animals.

At the same time, improving the living conditions of slum mountain villages. In addition, there are financial incentives for farmers who are ready to keep the cattle in the habitats of wolves.

Switzerland has sparked an intense debate on the wolf theme. One call to lift the ban on hunting, as wolves negatively affect the economy, agriculture and tourism in the Alpine regions. Others argue that the wolves do not cause more damage than other animals, and the fear of them is based on prejudice.

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