In the Black Sea near Novorossiysk liquidated oil spill

Experts dismantled oil spill in the Black Sea near the port city of Novorossiysk, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the Azov-Black Sea environmental prosecutor Timothy Degtyarev.

According to authorities, oily liquid enters the waters of the bay Tsemess Saturday during a rainstorm. Area of contamination to nearly 300 square meters.

"Now oil spill completely eradicated, collected 82 cubic meters of contaminated sea water," — said the source.

On Saturday, during the rainy season there was a fracture of waste oil from the two open containers of "Chernomortransneft" (tank farm "Sheskharis"), as it was reported regional prosecutor's office, "by pushing the density of water." Oily liquid "on the terrain fell into the waters of the bay", specified in the prosecutor's office.

Experts estimate the damage. The investigation was conducted pre-investigation checks.

"Environmental Prosecutor's Office against« Chernomortransneft "excitedly administrative proceedings, the case was referred to the Department of Rosprirodnadzor SFD for an administrative investigation," — said Degtyarev.

He said that after the rain CPS does not recommend vacationers to swim in the sea near Novorossiysk.

"Today and tomorrow will be water samples were taken, after which the experts say about its condition and suitability for swimming," — he said.

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