In the center of Pavlovsk formed warren lake

Residents Pavlovsk admire wild ducks, goldeneye and other rare birds for the Central Black Earth. In the center of the lake suddenly formed a warren.

After the construction of the dam Basovskii rate of water flow in the river Don in increased significantly. As a result, the ice formed a gully that can withstand even the most severe frosts. It settled in the winter and birds. They say that even saw a couple of small grebes, the Red Book of the Voronezh region. Usually they fly south to winter on the open waters. And we have in nature, except for small streams, there are none.

Himin Alexander, a member of Russian Bird Conservation Union, explains: "The birds are looking for a place where man-made hole in the ice that's formed. This Voronezh Reservoir, near Novovoronezh on the Don River. And we have because of human intervention formed a polynya, which was immediately chosen by waterfowl . Perhaps if this polynya to continue in the coming years, such wintering become regular, and our avifauna is enriched with new species. "

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