In the Rostov region launched a new production of high-strength polyolefin film threads

In JSC "Kamenskvolokno" (Kamensk) hosted a launch of a new and in many ways unique production? polyolefin yarns of high strength film. With the opening of the new production line, created 30 jobs.

According to the General Director of JSC "Kamenskvolokno" Vladimir Lakunina, the new site production capacity of 3800 tons per year established German equipment made by special order of the Don.

For the record: JSC "Kamenskvolokno" — the largest modern enterprise for the production of chemical fibers and filaments, located in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, producing almost 50% polypropylene film threads supplied to markets in Russia and CIS (55% of the commercial products of the enterprise). Created January 26, 2000 by providing a viable part of the business of the bankrupt enterprise of "Kamenka industrial association" Man-made fiber. "

Along with the production of polypropylene in the Company operates in a unique kind of heavy-duty industrial production of para-aramid fibers and yarns. Products used in the production of the defense industry, nuclear industry, in the manufacture of composite materials for special purposes, special heat-resistant protective clothing. JSC "Kamenskvolokno" is the budget and the main enterprise. The company's share in the total volume of commodity production on Kamensk reaches 30%.

JSC "Kamenskvolokno" sells its products both in the cities Kamensk, Rostov-on-Don and Moscow, as well as abroad. The company supplies to the CIS countries — Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, as well as in foreign countries — Italy, France, Japan, China, and Turkey.

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