In the Rostov region mounted detection system of forest fire

In the Rostov region has begun installation of a modern video surveillance systems for forest and landscape fires in the towers of mobile operators

CCTV complex worth more than 10 million purchased in the regional target program "Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources in the Rostov region, 2011-2015." 

The principle of operation of this system is continuous round the clock transmission of video from surveillance cameras mounted on towers of mobile operators in control centers. By fixing the cameras or sources of ignition smoke to the operator immediately audible alarm indicating the coordinates of the location of the fire.

CCTV complex, consisting of 30 monitoring points and 6 control centers, covering almost the entire forest estate Rostov region: Bagaevskii, Belokalitvenskoe, Bokovski, Verkhnedonskoy, Kamensky, Kasharsky, Millerovskiy, Milutinsky, Morozov, Oblivskaya, Semikarakorskiy, Soviet, Tarasovskiy, Tatsinskii, Ust , Donetsk, Sholokhovsky areas.

Video monitoring system will enhance the quality of monitoring forests, forestry specialists will in time begin to eliminate the detected fire.

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