In the Rostov region Refurbished opened kindergarten The Mansion

The other day in the village Novozaryanskom October district was inaugurated kindergarten number 48, "The Mansion". According to the Ministry of Internal Nyus61.RU and information policy in the field of kindergarten will run 4 groups of 75 seats, which will fully meet the needs of the population in pre-school education services.
"In the capital repairs of the building of the kindergarten to address Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev of regional treasury has allocated more than 17 million rubles. Another 2.5 million rubles spent from the municipal budget, "- said the Minister of Education of Larissa Balin. 
Today, the institution has cozy bedrooms and playrooms. Easting and laundry room equipped with modern equipment. Kindergarten building fire alarm system is provided.

Game Zone preschool redesigned, new shady canopies meet sanitary standards, platforms are equipped with play equipment. The area is lined with clean paving slabs, broken new flower beds, planting of greenery planned.

"At Don increased birth rate, children are becoming more and more. To support parents and get a quality education policy of the Government of the Rostov region is aimed at increasing the number of places in pre-school educational institutions. The region has a program "100 kindergartens in 2015," — said the Minister. — To support the workers of preschool educational institutions to address the Don Governor Vasily Golubev in September of the current year has been increased wages kindergarten teachers. "

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