In the Rostov region sowing of spring crops overcame the 50% limit

  • Tselinskii area
  • Tselinskii area

In the Rostov region sowing of spring crops overcame the 50% limit. In general, the area planted 620,000 hectares. The first targets for sowing complete agro-climatic regions of the eastern zone. On the home stretch of spring sowing farmers southern region. To industrial crops in the Rostov region already employs more than 300,000 hectares — one-third of the planned areas, according to the Department of Homeland and information policy area. 

Don farmers noted Labor Day active spring-field works. Over the last week the villagers have planted crops on nearly 200 thousand hectares, crops — to 150 thousand hectares. 

By sowing areas traditionally ahead areas of the southern zone — 181,000 acres, 46 of which were sown on farms Sal district. In second place Zernogradsky district — the third Tselinskii: sown here 44 and 30 hectares respectively.  In general, the southerners left to plant a little more than 30,000 acres to meet the targets of spring sowing grain. At the same time, the farmers of the eastern zone has completed the planned sowing of grain, as the crop area in the east of the area in two times less than in other areas of the region. 

Sown area of industrial crops for today — more than 300,000 acres, most of which is made up of flax crops — 187 hectares. Sunflower planted on 58 hectares, mustard — to 25, sugar beet — by 14 thousands. 

Due to favorable weather conditions in the smallholdings and farms area is actively sowing vegetable crops. At present, already planted 14,000 acres of vegetables and 13,000 acres of potatoes. 

— Today we can say that we have already surpass the pace of sowing last year's figures — said the deputy governor of the Don — Minister of Agriculture and Food Vyacheslav Vasilenko. — Now it is important to sustain such a rhythm until the end of sowing and hope for the timely rainfall, which are necessary to ensure that seed might come up and gain strength.

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