In the Rostov region to build the processing plant glauconite

In Avilovskom rural settlement allocated 10 hectares of land for the construction of a plant for the production of glauconite. Mine the mineral will be far from the village there is Nizhnezhuravskogo discovered deposits of glauconite for the production of environmentally friendly fertilizer.

According to the head of the Constantine region Hlopyanikova BE: "drawing the entire investment program for the development of our region, the construction of the plant will be the first step for the implementation of this program. We do not set any conditions for investors — come, work, create, manufacture and new jobs. "Conducting a study glauconites Rostov region as non-traditional mineral multipurpose. In this case, set new ways of possible use of glauconite in agriculture and fisheries: as a natural complex mineral fertilizers. Glauconite included in the program of the Federal concept of innovation policy AIC (Anropromyshlennogo complex) and is recommended for use.

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