In the Rostov region were XI race tractors Bison Track Show (photo and video)

In the vicinity of Rostov passed XI tractor race "Bison Track Show". It was attended by 33 tractor drivers from different regions of Russia and CIS countries. For the first time in the world to race on the tractor participated woman Olga Stebihova.

The track competition was full of jumps, banked turns and steep climbs, risky high-speed sections, twin circular race track with the change gave more entertainment. Not without coups tractors, unmanaged drifts, and high-speed sections of the tractor racing accelerated to 70 miles per hour.

According to the regulations, now traditional, the athletes competed on tractors MTZ-80, MTZ-82, "Belarusian-826", -892, -920, -952, and their modifications, specially equipped with additional security systems for racing.

The prize fund — three new tractor "Belorus" from the Government of the Rostov region, and several special prizes. 

More than thirty thousand people gathered on the track "25 Don" to support the riders. In between the fierce racing took steps "to the bottom", various competitions for spectators, including "Rubber tractor." This year, a record was broken last show. In the cab of the tractor MTZ fit 16 spectators. The same amount could accommodate a big-eared and "Zaporozhets".

Decoration of races this year was the participation of the first ever "Bison Track Show" women. Olga Stebihova of the Pskov region childhood fascinated by sports, technology, and participate in autocross, ending the pedagogical institute, has remained true to his passion. Having learned a few years ago about racing on tractors, had the idea to take part in them.

But in the ten previous races attended only by representatives of the stronger sex. This year it was a dream come true. True, she had not only to urgently open the appropriate category of rights, but also to be trained. By the way, on the race track tractor Olga was recognizable from afar because of crawfish and a cute cap, crowning the roof of the cab. On the race track Olga competed on equal terms with men, and was awarded the Audience Choice Award.

At this time, the first three places went to machine the Rostov region, guests from the Ukraine took the fourth step of the podium. The first place was won by Anatoly Bobrovsky from the Kirov stud Tselinskiy district. 32-year-old champion — a veteran of racing, it was his ninth attempt and fourth victory. Second place in the bitter struggle took Roman Struck from the farm "Sovetinskogo" Neklinovsky area for which it is the second race. Third place went to the experienced "showman" (10 behind the competition, two prizes) — Ali Akhmetov Company of Lenin Veselovskogo district.

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