In the Ryazan region commissioned the region’s first energy-efficient house

The area of energy-efficient homes 713,5 square meters, It has 13 apartments (one one-bedroom, nine-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom). Construction energodoma carried out with the support of assistance to reforming housing and communal services at the expense of the regional budget. Construction began in August 2011, completed in June of this year.

According to the program of the Ryazan region, "Resettlement of emergency housing for 2011-2014" was able to resettle 35 residents (13 families) of the three damaged houses of fish. 

EnergyHome — a project perspective, it will be continued in the country, and in the Ryazan region. The experiment should be adjusted to the standards by which others will be built energodoma in the Ryazan region, and to reach the scale of the system construction.

EnergyHome features reinforced insulation and sealing of the building, insulation of the basement, basements, walls, attic floors, roofs. Also available are a sealed double-glazed windows, porches furnished lobbies, the doors have closers installed ventilation with heat recovery. The largest area of glazing at home — on the south side. 

In order to save energy consumption are installed motion sensors in common areas; LED yard lights, in apartments — energy saving lamps, electric power in the flats off one button, there is a horizontal layout of the heating system of the building.

Among the alternative sources of energy — a bivalent heating system that uses low-grade heat the lower layers of the Earth (heat pump), solar photovoltaic panels, which produce electricity backup, vacuum solar collectors for water heating. In addition, for the consumed energy and generates will monitor computer — automated command and control system. 

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