In the Ryazan region launched one of the most automated factories Russia corn processing

February 27 Shilovskikh near Ryazan region held technology start-up of a new high-tech processing plant corn.

It is built on the territory of one of the oldest companies in the industry — of "Ibredkrahmalpatoka," said the 2005 100th anniversary. The new plant is going to be the first of the starch-automated factories in Russia. The total investment in the new plant will be more than 3 billion rubles. 

The main difference of manufacture — a high degree of automation and advanced equipment, which at times to reduce costs. Thanks to the innovations of "Ibredkrahmalpatoka" one of the first in the country to produce the so-called glucose-fructose syrups (GFS), which at the moment are the "last word" in the modern production of food ingredients and are used worldwide in the manufacture of soft drinks, dairy products , jams and jam, confectionery. 


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