In the Ryazan region opened a modern cattle complex

New breeding complex in ZAO "October" Pronsky district confidently goes to full power.

This is a real factory of milk, equipped with the latest technology. The total number of more than 2,100 animals.

Works milking machine carousel with 60 seats. On the complex, a special program «DairyPlan», which combines the herd management through computer technology, and "smart" electronic calendar reproduction of cattle.

The daily milk yield per cow is now 25.6 liters of milk every day it is produced by 19.5 tons. For wintering stocked enough feed 30 tons of silage, 7 tons of hay, 450 tons of hay. All feeds are preparing for a special recipe for the different groups of animals. The average milk yield per forage cow this year will be 8,500 pounds.

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