In the Ryazan region opened Department of day care seniors and people with disabilities

March 5, on the basis of Korablinsky comprehensive social service center office began work day stay pensioners and the disabled. This was reported in the Press Ministry of the region.

The Department provides social, personal and cultural services for the elderly and disabled, who can visit the center for 15-20 days. At the same time separation can take 20 people. For visitors organized recreation, food, counseling psychologists, special interest clubs. The plans center — excursions to historical places of the Ryazan region, visiting museums, and theaters.

Attending the opening of the deputy Elena Tsarev was confident that in the center of senior citizens and people with disabilities will be able to obtain the necessary services that will help make their lives more comfortable. "It is equally important that the Department of day care will be for visitors to the place of communication, so that they need," — said Tsarev.

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