In the Samara region began to plant breeding cattle

Since Soviet times, in the Samara region had no farms, which have specialized in the breeding of purebred beef cattle breed. Beef and mutton just grown, but breeding of thoroughbred animals have long no one did. Finally there was farming, which has decided to take on this mission.

In p. Shilan Krasnoyarsk region Three years ago opened "from scratch", LLC "Ermak", much of Canada were imported beef cows Hereford.

The company has filed an application to Moscow and received a certificate from the state to recognize the status of "breeding sow".

Engaged in the production of meat today, cost-effective, but is doubly beneficial to plant breeding animals with perfect genes. After all, to buy the representatives of the famous rock, Russian farmers have to go abroad.

Now Samara Province will supply the entire Russian breeding animals for breeding. Two dozen animals from farms Shilanskogo already left the country.

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